Laws of Physics

In knowing her, she would only fall away from him.

The Little Prince

Greg had always thought himself a real little aristocrat, above the common fray. In his detachment he felt superior.

The Old Man Series

Unhappy Camper

It’s tragic: nature destroyed by her own creations. Probably the same fate awaits us.

The Relapse

Without their opium, the people destroy themselves.

The Sea and the Old Man

Even the finest, sweetest wines turn to vinegar.

Travel Writing

Being and Becoming in America’s Abysmal Heartland

The Road expresses perfectly the form of existence that is continual Becoming without ever Being.

A Gypsy Turns 30 in the Grey City

Somehow through the haze I find one, then another, and still more. Each of them is cracked. All of us, Broken Ones.

The Jackson Hole Diaries

Horses outside in stables, steam coming from their nostrils, matching the smoke rising from the chimneys of houses that are all warm and snug inside.

20.4 Hours in Hong Kong

The people move like clockwork in rhythm with colored lights and ticking hands. The city controls their movements. They are unable to escape its gravity.



Abyssophobia is a fear of bottomless depths. A man who sits alone in a room fears he may fall so deeply into himself that he never returns.

I Live in a Seaside Motel

I live in a seaside motel. On nights that the ocean is lively I can lie in bed and hear it murmur midnight elegies.

On Nature Walks, Anal Probes, and Shooting Sprees (Or, How I Spent My Summer Vacation)

Automated rental car return. Automated boarding pass issuance. Auto flush toilets. A machine that captures an image of my naked body.

The Lost City Revisited

Stanton has done little to mask his contempt for Pete, whom he regards as a “God-fearing Golden Retriever of a man.”


like Denver or wherever

Western sky just before sundown emotes white hot blues into my blood, as the mountains send word East, whispering of things West. In Denver, where you can see the earth run away from itself, kill the sky.


The Truth will not set you free; The truth is a 3-legged dog.

Pancho Doesn’t Live Here Amigo

The complex tears man asunder. What is simple heals him.